Johnny B Matthews


Johnny was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1957 to an American mother and NZ father. He began playing blues harp and guitar aged 18 while in Dunedin. His mother was an accomplished cellist and folk singer, so he grew up with music all around him. 

He began writing songs in the early 90's, during a time of much personal spiritual growth. It wasn't until 2020 that his good friend Johnny Matteson, who has 3 albums on Spotify, introduced him to South Auckland Studios and he began recording his own songs.

He aims to continue recording songs and instrumentals and releasing videos with each one

Album details

Johnny has three songs and two instrumentals on YouTube: Hole in the Sky, Lockdown Blues (The Bug Song), Lockdown Blues Remix, Air on a G Harp & Johnny B's Blues. He has enough material for an album, but due to the diversity of genres in his material he intends to release each track as a single.


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